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TI Will Re-Release Paper Trail With 5 New Songs

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Attention all TI Fans!

Our man TI will re-release his album “Paper Trail” with additional new tracks before the year’s end.  The rapper claimed that he’s still in the process of picking out songs.

“I’m still in the process of picking the songs, but I’m also still recording.  I’m able to record any time, through the best of times and through the worst of times, I’m still able to record.  It may change the sort of song you do, but you never can tell.  You never know until that moment gets there.”

The project is already confirmed by a rep from Atlantic Records, but no date has been set for it.  Guess we’ll just have to wait.  Meanwhile, check out this pic of Tip we found in our archive.


TI and DJ Drama

TI posed with DJ Drama, wearing a yet to be available AKOO Polo shirt.  You can coppy his swag by copping this AKOO The Natural Polo while waiting for the one Tip’s wearing to drop.


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The polo worn by TI is available for online purchase.  It’s the AKOO The Slayer Polo.


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4 Responses to “TI Will Re-Release Paper Trail With 5 New Songs”

  1. elias_zulla Says:

    wazzup erbody, check out Tip's clothin line and witness real swag. you will then understand why T.I. always looks good when he walks outta the house.

  2. Shakela Says:

    Hi every one T.I n Tiny is a real good look rite now… Even thow im a girl T.I is my inspiration… when he speak he moves me into a positive mood. I love that about him… I want to be just like him young and successful…

  3. Richard Dent Says:

    Hey I found the lyrics to this song on the internet at a excellent site

  4. shaquillahawthorne Says:

    aww they are so kute ima real big fan of yhu t.i i got ur autograph when we were at walmart in houston tx.