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AKOO Spring Cargo Pants

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Cargo Pants | AKOO Official Facebook

If you have been searching for new cargo pants, then these pieces from AKOO Clothing has got you covered.

These cargo pants are part of the brand’s Spring 2014 collection, and if these are indication of the other pieces to come from their new offering, then we are expecting more sick items to come from the brand. Let it be known that these pants are dope. They are exactly what you want to wear when you step outside your home to hit the streets.

The pants have side cargo pockets and back pockets for your wallet, keys, and smartphone. The fresh fits come in sleek colors and are made from durable materials. You can score these cargo pants at AKOO’s online store.

What Is a King For You?

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What Is a King

This 2014, AKOO Clothing has launched a social media campaign by asking their fans to give them their own definition of the word “King.” This new campaign was unveiled a month after the much-anticipated release of the clothing brand’s “Book of Kings” which featured artists coming from different creative industries like fashion, film, art, and music.

For the “What is a King?” campaign, the brand asks fans to post their Instagram videos giving their own interpretation of the term “King.” AKOO Clothing is picking a winner who will get a special prize. If you are a fan of the brand, check out more details about the campaign on their official Facebook page to join the said contest.

AKOO PICKS: Orange you happy beanie and Timmy Pooch sweats

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AKOO Sweater Skully

The winter storm maybe over, but we can still feel the brutal cold weather when we hit the streets. This time of the year is maybe great for just curling up in bed while reading a good book instead of trying to battle the ice blasting from everywhere. However, locking yourself at home with your hot chocolate and old knit sweater can be a little boring.

Timmy Pooch Sweater

Do not let the plummeting temperatures dampen your spirits. Have fun. Go to the gym and fulfill that New Year’s resolution. Get with friends and hit the bar and binge on your favorite cocktail. Snow should not stop you from getting a life. And while you are at it, do not forget to sport this sweater knitted skully from AKOO. Its nice pop of color is enough to brighten up a rather gloomy day. In addition, pair it with an outerwear that is equally fun and whimsical. Bring back your childhood days of having a great time in the snow with the Timmy Pooch sweats from AKOO. Score one here.

Wear a Pair of Everest

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This winter, do something different and challenge yourself for a hike on a hill near your place or perhaps a long, fruitful trip to the Appalachian Trail. We know that the cold season is a great time for just curling up at home in front of the television while stalking Netflix shows and OD-ing on hot ginger ale. But do something different this year and dust off your hiking boots. To complete your outfit, this clean cargo Everest pants from AKOO Clothing will look perfect with your boots. This crisp pair of cargo pants will go well with your other winter garments, so you will not have to worry about not looking dashing as you make your way to the top of your trail. Score this fresh fit at the AKOO store and pair it with this cool canvas scout belt.

Pick of the Day: Puppy Beanies

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If you’re living somewhere in the eastern part of the United States, you are probably experiencing the polar vortex and the below freezing temperatures that come with it. We’re assuming that you have been piling up on layers after layers of jackets, cardigans, wool sweaters. As for your headwear, ear flap hats, might be the go-to piece for most people, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should go for something that is cute and fun to wear like this Rescue Pup beanie in Forest Night color from AKOO Clothing. The boatload of snow that is pounding the streets is enough reason to protect your head and your tresses from the cold. Battle bad hair day with this sweater knit pom beanie. Pair it with this Feral Zip sweater, and you are good to go.

Downtown Jacket: A Denim and Fleece Mash Up

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Downtown Jacket

With the current blizzard hitting our streets because of the brutally cold polar vortex, it is nice to know that there are hoodies and sweaters on our wardrobe that we can wear in these crazy low temperatures. But if you are looking for something that will keep you warm but also not too bulky, the Downtown Jacket from AKOO Clothing should suit you well. The outerwear is an intelligent mash up of two of our favorite fabrics: denim and fleece. This jean jacket and hoodie has a denim body and fleece sleeves and hood to keep you toasty yet still comfortable in this viciously icy weather. The jacket is now available at the AKOO Clothing webstore.  Get a piece of this outerwear and pair it with this cool blizzard-inspired Snow Fight tee also from AKOO Clothing to keep you stylish during the cold weather.


Wear the Wild with the Kodiak Jacket

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Kodiak Jacket

Kodiak Jacket |

There is something about the Kodiak jacket from AKOO Clothing that makes it so dope. Maybe because wearing it gives us that quiet confidence that makes us look stylish without exerting too much effort. Aside from its multiple pockets that are ideal for us mobile hoarders who hate bringing pouches or bags. What we like most about this hooded snap up is the all over print that features animals in the wild giving it a very Safari-inspired look. The Kodiak jacket comes fresh from AKOO’s Holiday 2 collection. This jacket retails for $252 USD at the AKOO Clothing online shop.

48k Twill Jacket

However, if you are looking for something that is still jungle-inspired but comes in a darker shade, you might want to check out this 48k Twill Jacket from AKOO. The detailed all-over cheetah/camo print on grey cotton gives it a more edgy look. Get a fresh fit for yourself here.

T.I. and Young Jeezy Give Back at the Yearly ‘Tis the Season for Giving’ Event

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T.I. and Young Jeezy have been spreading the holiday cheer lately as they collaborated to host the yearly ‘Tis the Season for Giving’ event held last December 20th. It was attended by more than 1,800 pre-registered children who received toys from the two famous rappers and enjoyed a night of food, prizes, bowling, skating, and arcade games. The toy drive event dedicated to celebrate Christmas early for Tip’s Atlanta community also provided the attendees with free on-site health screenings. The ‘Tis the Season for Giving’ was presented by Music Education group in collaboration with Fulton County Human Services, Metroplex, and T.I.’s Give Like a King Humanitarian Initiative. The toy drive event was also supported by Grand Hustle, The CTE Family and media partner, V-103.


Sock It Up with AKOO

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The Grey Socks

We are big fans of AKOO because their graphic shirts and snapbacks never fail to impress us. However, we never expected the brand to deliver quality socks as well. The AKOO homies really know what they are doing with their socks game when it comes to the design and quality. One of our favorites recently is The Grey Socks by AKOO. This stretch cotton blend number remains comfortable, and we walk in them almost every day. The all-over animal print bedecking the grey fabric also looks perfect with our shoes. Don’t take our word for it. Get a pair for yourself here.

T.I.’s New Album Will Be Called “Paperwork”

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T.I. |

T.I. |

Troubleman II: He Who Wears the Crown will no longer be the title of Tip’s new project. As per, the new running title of the rapper’s much-anticipated album is Paperwork, which is evocative of his 2008 Grammy-award winning album, Paper Trail that included his hit tracks, such as “Dead and Gone.” T.I. made the announcement of the new album title on Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta. In his previous interview with MTV’s RapFix Live, the Grammy-winning artist said that the original title was postponed and added that it will eventually come at a different time.

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