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Who's T.I Saying "Sorry" To?

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Or what's Tip apologizing for? Nothing, in fact this is by far a most unapologetic track, listen to it and the truth hits home. Andre 3000 and T.I have gotten together for this piece of music and it's got that repeat value that 99% of the other rap songs don't. For a chap about whom the critics said that if his talent ever matches his confidence, he's headed for stardom; he's come far in terms of quality of lyrics.

The one thing that separates me-too rappers from the ones that really appeal is the ability to tell a story of their own experience. And T.I does that so coolly with this track. It's going to be a part of his album – Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head that comes to the stores on December 18th.

It's here on iTunes for your listening pleasure.


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