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TI’s Second Public Appearance: Zonnique’s Birthday Party!

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For fans who are missing TI as much as we do, we’re happy to say that Tip made his second public appearance yesterday at Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique’s birthday party.  Tip was accompanied by his fiancee, Tiny and the rest of the family. Tell us, is the man looking great or what?

And here he is with wifey-to-be, Tiny.  From the looks of it, we can see why Tiny fell in love all over again since Tip’s release from prison.  The couple looked really happy!

You can check out the rest of Tip’s pics from the event at the source: All we can say at this point is: welcome back, Tip! Can’t wait for other appearances… or even better: performances.  We miss you!

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2 Responses to “TI’s Second Public Appearance: Zonnique’s Birthday Party!”

  1. clarissa Says:

    pics r cool. weelcome back t.i.

  2. DELLA Says: