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Tiny & Toya on BET: More Than Just “Wives”.

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So if you think Tiny and Toya are just plain ladies of leisure, think again folks.  TI’s fiancee, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Lil Wayne’s ex, Toya, starred in their reality show on BET: Tiny & Toya which premiered last week and showed that they are more than getting their hair done.  They actually struggle with real issues like Tiny’s father and his battle with the  alzheimer disease and Toya’s mother’s drug addiction.  Tiny also revealed that Tip didn’t want her to work, while she thinks she still has so much to offer in her career.  All everyday issues and they make viewers realize that their seemingly glamorous lives, they’re just real people with real problems.

In case you missed the premiere, here’s the full episode.

T&T Ep 1
by yardie4lifever2

Don’t miss the all-new episode of Tiny & Toya, this Tuesday, 10 pm / 9 c.

Wonder if Tip can watch this in prison. If he can, he won’t miss his boo so much.

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One Response to “Tiny & Toya on BET: More Than Just “Wives”.”

  1. dedra Says:

    I think Tiny and Toya are doing a good job on their show N i never miss their show im there biggest fan n will always be . I love that Tiny's daughter can sing n i love that. Both Tiny and Toya's daughter's are cute. i really admire Tiny and Toya and their daughters . I love ya