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Tiny Goes To Arkansas To Visit TI

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Tameka “Tiny” Cottle finally visited her boo, TI in prison last weekend, 3 weeks after Tip’s incarceration.  There were some rumors going around that the Tip can only receive mail from a pre-approved list of people and those who aren’t on the list won’t get their letters to TI.  Turns out that Tiny brushed the rumors off and said that ANYONE can write to TI using the address we gave you a couple of days ago.

Anyway, TI talks to his kids all the time on the phone.  He might not want them to visit -‘coz he worries that the kids will get a bad image of their dad, but he sure misses them.  We can’t blame him, it’s almost Father’s Day anyway.  Speaking of Father’s Day, have you entered the AKOO Father’s Day Contest?  We thought we’d remind you.


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One Response to “Tiny Goes To Arkansas To Visit TI”

  1. tykerria bolton Says:

    can i hang out with tiny and toya daughters sum times