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TI to Teens: Stay In School Y’all

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It’s almost time for TI to go behind bars, and apart from doing his community service through his new reality show “Road to Redemption”, our fly rapper reached out to the younger generations in person.  TI spoke to high school students at the Georgia Supreme Court, last Friday.  Some of the students are facing juvenile sentences.

TI made it clear that mistakes can be made by just anybody.

“You can see from me that nobody is too rich, too famous, too cool… to make a mistake and pay a price for it.  More important… is what you are able to take away from that mistake.  How can you use that mistake to ensure you will never make a similar mistake again?”

He also tells the students to stay in school.

“Education is more important than any material thing you can have.  The things you do not have in your life, the things you do not have in your possession, will be a reflection of the things you have not learned.”

Seems like being a good role model is really TI’s thing these days, and we’re backing his efforts.  Because to us, there’s nothing cooler than a grounded, sensible but stylish brother.

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