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TI And Kids: First Photo Post-Prison

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Finally a picture of TI post-prison!

As you all already know that our man TI was released from prison back in December, just in time to be with his family for the holidays.  Other reports said that he immediately hit the studio to record some new tracks after re-uniting with his family although he isn’t totally free yet, as he’s still serving remaining time in a halfway house in Atlanta.

And today we came across this picture of TI via BlackCelebKids, playing with his sons, King and Major, which is said to be taken when Tip saw the kids just moments after he got back to Atlanta.

Ain’t that cute??? Looks like the kids are just ecstatic to have their dad back home.

We’ve got another pic of TI, and although this picture failed to show his face, it shows that Tip is all decked in AKOO gear.

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2 Responses to “TI And Kids: First Photo Post-Prison”

  1. f harris Says:

    so cute! <3

  2. chris Robinson Says:

    Thats great glad to see my boy home chillin wit the family, when is he dropping a nw cd.