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Coming Up: TI On Video Game!

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Having only an album or two is not enough for the average rapper these days, and mark our words, that’s only the average rapper. What about the king from the south? Well, TI got everything in control -even from jail, from his Grand Hustle recording company, his upcoming artists and don’t forget his AKOO Clothing line. But there’s something else going on for Tip and it’s a video game deal.

Tip and Grand Hustle Records have signed to appear in a new online game called “Platinum Life”, a game set in the world of music and hip-hop. So players will enter the music world as an unsigned musician and in the end will reach superstar celebrity status. They have to work their way up, perform tasks for hip-hop icons and claw their way up the industry by being around the artists to upgrade every aspect of their life. TI will guide players from the struggling musician stage to the time where they become successful artists.

That DOES sound like TI. Anthony Castoro, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Heatwave Interactive stated:

“Our online game experience allows top-level artists to share their music, video and lifestyle with their huge fan bases in a personal and innovative way. We feel that T.I.’s music, message and deeply engaged fan base make him ideal as an icon within the game.”

Jason Geter, CEO of Grand Hustle, LLC stated:

“Heatwave Interactive understood the love T.I. has for his millions of fans and his need to establish a stronger connection with them in a way that is interactive and real.”

There’s no word yet on when the game will drop, but we’ll keep our ears and eyes open.

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