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Keeping It Cool With the Raider Denim Jacket

Author: Albert Costill  //  Category: Daily Akoo Swagger


The denim has been an American staple since the late 1800s when people were digging around for gold. While fashion trends came and went throughout the 20th Century, the denim jacket remained untouchable. For a minute, though, this iconic American fashion accessory disappeared. But it’s back. And it’s better than ever. Just check out the AKOO Raider Denim jacket and you’ll understand why.


This jacket features a fly away collar, full button-down closure and a front 4-pocket design. A perfect compliment for the spring or fall to keep you warm. And, you’d look pretty damn cool wearing it too.


While plenty of brands are messing around with denim, AKOO has proven that they’re one of the best players in the denim game. Which is why you need to cop this jacket right here for $142.00.

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