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Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.’s Open Letter To TI

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Community activist and Hip Hop Caucus President, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr., wrote an open letter to TI, supporting the rapper’s direct involvement in setting a good example for the youth through his reality show “Road to Redemption”.   In his letter, the reverend mentioned  how much he appreciated Tip’s emergence and how this has inspired a whole new generation.

Here’s the rev’s open letter to TI.

Dear T.I.,

The truly righteous man is a man whose single aim in life is to leave the world a better place than he found it. By embarking on a path towards redemption, your destination will be such a world. As you prepare to go to court, the Hip Hop Caucus has already made its own judgment. And it is in full support, both of you and your recent service in the community.

Across the country, kids and young adults from every walk of life have been sitting in front of the television, getting to know the real Clifford Harris, a man striving to remain on life’s righteous path. Dedicated to changing the lives of others.

Young people have been inspired by what they’ve seen. Rarely has hip-hop been blessed with the emergence of one of its foremost stars into the realm of public good. It’s been an inspirational change for all of us, especially the kids you’ve been mentoring and the ones watching back at home.

But your road to redemption did not start with a television show. When you led the Respect My Vote! campaign last fall, by getting on that bus and getting out the vote, you played a critical role in the culture’s political reawakening.

In recent years hip-hop artists and their fans were openly cynical about civic involvement, feeling that American government was not their own, nor its traditions. Seen as a system unable to admit or redress the harshness of the environment, hip-hop heads and urbanites grew up in, they simply ignored it. That is until you joined in the footsteps of Russell Simmons, Chuck D and P. Diddy by speaking truth to power and getting out the vote. Most importantly, you led by example.

Hip Hop Caucus members and millions around the globe listen to your songs and cling to your words; and started hearing something pure. The Caucus registered thousands to vote because you inspired them to. You made change happen. Don’t ever forget that.

Just as you transformed, thousands of disaffected youth realized their potential and exercised their power. Instead of ignoring the system because it didn’t work, they worked to change the system. While others ran away from their mistakes you readily admitted them, and strived to make amends.

Your present course is a lesson for all of us, to focus on the important things in life and live above the petty.

You may never meet all those young boys and girls whose lives you’ve already changed. But they are out there, from ATL to Houston, North Philly to the South Bronx.

From Chicago to Los Angeles, and all across America lives are being saved and souls touched, minds opened and hearts warmed, simply by your commitment to not give up on young people.

That’s why your deeds have the potential to live on long past your songs. And that’s why I will make sure they don’t give up on you. So you don’t travel alone on your road to redemption.

Thank you T.I., for your leadership and service to our communities and our country.

For Future Generations…
Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. (President, Hip Hop Caucus)

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