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B.o.B. Is Akoo Clothing Brand’s Newest Ambassador!

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Rapper B.o.B. joins the AKOO Clothing Brand troop as the brand’s newest ambassador. His debut single “Nothin’ On You” was released last year and propelled his talent into the bigger scene. Since then he has collaborated with many stars in the music industry and his partnership with AKOO is opening the door to the fashion world.

B.o.B’s fresh face in the industry has already proven his talent and marketability. His style is effortless and unlike other rappers, B.o.B. has an accessible image. If this were the nineties, he’ll be the perfect guy next door.

And that, is what AKOO Clothing Brand is all about. AKOO keeps things real, and represents what the contemporary generation is all about. Stylish without being snobbish and cool without being somebody else.

Do you think T.I. and the rest of AKOO gang pick the right ambassador?

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One Response to “B.o.B. Is Akoo Clothing Brand’s Newest Ambassador!”

  1. Dennis Says:

    No Akoo did not make a mistake B.O.B is definately the man for the job…just like ma man T.I