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Where are You From? Akoo Fan Questionnaire (Help With Store Locator)

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In order for us to build an efficient store locator we would like to know where most of our audience is from. Basically all we need is the city/state that you are located in. So when we start on the store locator we will make sure we don’t miss your city and state.

So leave the city/state that you’re located in below in the comments area! If you don’t list yours in the comments below don’t be upset or emailing us once we launch and your city/state isn’t on there…lol

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115 Responses to “Where are You From? Akoo Fan Questionnaire (Help With Store Locator)”

  1. Harold Says:

    Vancouver, BC

  2. T>I>P Says:

    England, UK

  3. ryan Says:

    kansas city

  4. Randi Says:

    Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

  5. orlando Says:

    do you sell your products in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA?

  6. Carlos Says:


  7. Rubbabandman Says:

    Germany, Cologne

  8. Tim Says:

    germany 🙁 theres no shop right?

  9. krystal b Says:

    I think u should open one up in orange Texas were we love u boy 😉

  10. Terrance Says:

    Can u make a big and tall line

  11. Terrance Says:

    Can we get a store in Chicago