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TI’s Ex Bodyguard Received 366 Days Sentence

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TI is not the only one facing a 366 days sentence due to the illegal firearms purchase case. Tip’s bodyguard, Corey Williams, who was also the police informant received a 366 days sentence as well.  Williams worked for Tip since 2007, and his previously clean record allowed him to purchase weapons for TI.  As we all know, the rapper was barred from weapon purchase due to his previous criminal convictions.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms soon found out about the arrangement after Williams tried to purchase a machine gun without registering the weapon.  He violated the federal law and got arrested.  Upon his arrest, Williams agreed to cooperate with the police and got wired during meetings with Tip, and this led to Tip’s arrest.

TI was faced with an up to 10 years sentence, but he managed to secure a deal of 1000 hours of community service and 366 days of prison time.  He has completed the requirement by speaking directly to troubled teens and coming up with his MTV reality show: Road to Redemption.  While Corey has already served his time, Tip will be entering jail next month.

While waiting for his day to go to prison, Tip has been busy adding 5 extra songs to his Paper Trail album that will be re-released sometime this year, also tending his cool clothing line, AKOO.  Speaking of AKOO, here’s our pick of the day:


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