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Ian Johnson: Lookin’ Fly in AKOO

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By now you probably realize how we always associate AKOO Clothing with its owner, TI (who wears them a lot, of course).  Well turns out that other celebs -that includes athletes- are also donning AKOO and looking fly.  PressPass.TV followed Ian Johnson of Minnesota Vikings and his wife, Chrissy, whom he proposed to after the Broncos’ 43-42 overtime victory in the Fiesta Bowl in 2006, going around New York City a few months back.  They stopped at the AKOO office and Ian actually got some free AKOO stuff.

Talk about making us green with envy.

Just for the record, Ian wore the AKOO Tropolis Tee, $52.99 and you can cop it here.


In TI news: We are dreading every single day towards TI’s incarceration. But guess what, the King of the South is asking for his ‘check-in’ date to be postponed. TI is supposed to report by noon Tuesday to the Federal Correction Institution at Forrest City, Arkansas. According to reports, TI asked a court to let him remain free while he looks for a placement in a minimum-security prison near Atlanta. Tip claims that his criminal history was miscalculated by prison officials, due to the fact that his lawyer called a 2003 ‘scuffle’ with a mall cop. In the pre-sentencing report, it says that Tip has a “serious history of violence”. So when will the prison date be? The delay is said to be two weeks, but hey, anything can happen.  We haven’t really heard about the exact date yet, but we do know that Tip is appearing in yet another farewell concert and after party this Sunday, May 24th, 2009 at Velvet Room, Atlanta.

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