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Behind The Scenes With TI

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Y’all think TI looks so fly in every getup because he prepares his swaggers on his own?  You’re dead wrong.

TI always look fabulous thanks to his stylist and wardrobe assistants who put his look together.  Check out the crazy hectic life behind the scenes of TI’s show: Road to Redemption.

We’re feelin’ the end result although quite surprised at Tip’s anti-diva behavior.  It’s admirable for somebody at his standing to have that much patience dealing with slow crews.  Guess this is nothing compared to the whole ordeal he’s been through.  Speaking of which, MTV has released the deleted scenes from TI’s “Road to Redemption” reality show and we have the video.

Catch Road of Redemption every Tuesday night, 9:30 pm.  May we remind you, it’s 29 days to TI’s incarceration.  We’ll keep a close eye on TI.  He’s indeed A King Of Oneself and we believe this tee says it all.


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