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Winter Hotness: Tameka “Tiny” Harris!

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Rapper TI must be real proud that his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, a.k.a. Mrs. Harris, finally ‘announced’ to the world that she’s taking his name.  And she makes sure she never forgets ‘coz she’s setting this with a tattoo.  And we mean gorgeous-looking tattoo!

Girl looks real cute in this pic.  And the tattoo is enough to make any girl in the world jealous.

Tiny took part in a photoshoot for Sister 2 Sister magazine, and words on the street is… she’s getting back together with her girl friends from her 90’s R&B group: Xscape.  Are they cooking something up their sleeves?  We don’t know.  All we know is we miss Tiny’s voice ‘coz this girl has IT.

If you miss Tiny and Xscape, here’s a throwback from the 90’s: Am I Dreaming – Xscape feat. Keith Sweat.  And if TI has an internet connection in jail, we bet he’ll be a proud husband!

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