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Will TI Go Naked For PETA?

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Well, well.

People do write to TI in jail and some of those people are the bosses of PETA or People for Ethical Treatments to Animals, the animal rights-concerned organization which has tapped a LOT of celebrities to participate in their campaign.  Word is, PETA leader, Michelle Cho, has written to Tip to ask him to consider stripping down for their “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign after he finishes his 366 days sentence.  PETA Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman, confirmed the news saying, “We’re asking TI to use his fame and his experience to bare the truth about the fur industry by baring his skin.”

The letter states:

“We read that you looked to Martha Stewart for advice on how to pass your prison time and come out on top. Did you know that she agreed to narrate an anti-fur public service announcement for PETA because she experienced firsthand what it is like for the millions of minks, rabbits, and other animals who are confined to filthy sheds on fur farms?

But unlike inmates, who are freed when they finish their sentences, these animals are beaten, have their necks broken, are electrocuted, and are often skinned alive for their fur. We hope that you’ll follow Martha’s compassionate example and become involved with our anti-fur efforts.”

We don’t know whether TI will bare his skin for PETA’s anti-fur campaign, but we think he’ll do it.  Our boy has been doing so much good prior to his incarceration that we think he’ll be craving for more philanthropic actions once he’s out from the clinker.  We do know that his AKOO clothing line contains no fur, just a LOT of superfly stuff.  Check these out.


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