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Watch Out, Tip! Alfamega Plans To Release a Tell-All Book

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Former Grand Hustle associate and TI’s protégé, Alfamega, hasn’t been in his greatest luck, lately, the latest misfortune being his daughter being assaulted randomly in Atlanta’s Club Crucial that so happens to be owned by TI.  But he’s starting 2010 with new optimism.  Alfa told that he’s been working on a tell-all book and guess what, he’s written six chapter already.

“I been writing my book though, that’s all I been doing. It’s about my life, everything that happened, giving it real, the whole scenario of what went down with the court stuff, the guy [drug dealer Ali Baager], me and Tip and everything. The name of the book is titled Displaced Loyalty and Revenge. [I’ve written to] about the sixth chapter.”

Somehow we’re intrigued ‘coz dude can write.  Remember his open letter to TI?  Most probably using a ghost-writer isn’t an option for Alfa.

Will Tip comment on this?  We shall all wait.

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