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Uber Coolness: AKOO Yamaha YZF-R1 Bike

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Rapper TI has always been the person to turn to when you need your dose of ‘cool’ and now get this: TI’s AKOO Clothing has collaborated with world’s renowned motorcycle makers, Yamaha, and resulted in the AKOO Yamaha YZF-R1 Bike.  The bike, now dubbed ‘AKOO YZF-R1’, features AKOO’s style in its details and it looks like TI had a love at first sight moment when he unveiled it back in Magic International Trade Show in Las Vegas last week.

The beautiful bike was customized by custom sportbike designer and builder, Rob Uecker of Voodoo Industries and the AKOO design team. Rob stated:

“What makes this Yamaha R1 so unique is the unusual mixture of textures and materials. When I look at the AKOO brand I see classic, rugged American styling. But I know T.I. is a serious rider, so it was important to me to accentuate the R1’s aggressive street stature. I worked closely with the AKOO design team to translate those aesthetics onto the Yamaha canvas, and the result is the best sportbike I have ever built.”

AKOO principal, Ralph Reynolds is also thrilled about the collaboration:

“Rob Uecker creates custom inspired creations, each one better than the last. The AKOO Yamaha R1 is truly one of these inspired creations. From a design, power, and style perspective the combining of our two different brands, VooDoo Industries’ magic has brought about truly inspired beauty. Rob being the artist, the Yamaha R1 being the medium, and AKOO being the inspiration, we are fortunate and extremely appreciative to have been involved with this project.”

The bike is valued at $80,000 and we wonder who’s gonna have his hands on it fast. Will Tip make an offer? He sure looked good on it.

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