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To Snitch or not to Snitch? (Vote)

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I’m pretty sure many of you are familiar with T.I.’s friend being murdered after a concert about two years ago. Many are saying TI testifying against the man who killed his friend is going against the codes of the streets which is Snitches get Stitches or simply NO SNITCHING.

I for one think what he did was honorable and the right thing considering the situation and it being his best friend.

Here is the full article at hand.

So the question is Ti a snitch or not? Place your vote below and leave some opinions in the comment area.

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9 Responses to “To Snitch or not to Snitch? (Vote)”

  1. Dimiter Says:

    In the video T.I. just described what happened that day. He didn’t say “That guy over there killed my best friend.” All that snitch thing is just stupid. He definitely did the right thing!

  2. Monika Says:


  3. Brittany Bordelon Says:

    He did the right thing by puttin it all out!!

  4. mookie Says:

    yall just hater tip is a multiplatnium grammy award winner millonair jim jones cant say nun atl big dawg ti 4eva a real nigga fuck offericer rick ross he cant say nun bout anybody at all he work for the correctional facilty big punk ass monkey a-town

  5. Taneisha Says:

    T.I. my dawg keep on keepin on you did the right thing no matter what people say you have to think about you and your family………………God Bless

  6. candy Says:

    t.i. did the right thing and if you think about it anybody in his situation would have done the same thing i love t.i.

  7. Tiera Lee Says:

    T.i didnt snitch on anything if you have any since you would look at the facts that are presented and leaked to us because after all thats all we kknow were not there werent there and most of you will never be close to being in his position ever even at his worst your not worthy to walk in his shoes honest to god this man is amazeing through his trial and triblations he has been ….something i cant find words for.He is real and i have been a true fa since he came out copped every last album and mixtape i know his life and understand him as a person through the music he makes and the nonsense the media cover he is real a rare breed and that is something were missing in todays society to conclude for everyone sticking there noses in his business judgeing and looking down on him i just want to quote him to let you know anything and the only thing to be said to you haters "My life aint like yours so you cant expect me to think like you" with that being said Clifford keep your head up and i feel you r pain and reasoning for everything in "No Mercys" entire album you still one of the greats much love

  8. Tiera Lee Says:

    (1/2)LMAO going against a street code?! He is a example of any street code A real ass person.He aint new to it he true to it and everyone running there mouths too ignorant to the situation need to know that.He a BOss and can handle what ever any hateing P**** got to dish out.He can say & do what he want because he is a boss and when yuor a boss you dont have to answer to the council because you are the fuckin council.There lucky he decided to tstify if thats exactly what he did "for all we know is only what the media tells us" but if not for that he would have had to take matters in "Revenge " in his owns hands wich he prolly would have done if those P****'s yall dont say anything about would not have tricked on him and got him caught up with those weapons yea they were scared and they knew he was bout to get in thatt ass so since they told on him he gone put they shit out there too

  9. Tiera Lee Says:

    (2/2) there is no snitches get stitches cause no on one is saying anything about those who told on him and he aint tellN he just being the boss that he is handleing the situation the best way he can considering he has a damn family to take care of and has since the past GREW UP! he still himself but just wiser and sometimes you gotta handle things diffrently than you normally would have.Who cares what the fag enternet thugs blogging about they aint real cause unless you runniing an EMPIRE like my mans T.I you dont have time to be beating up your keyboard on some shit you know nothing about.its lame and i feel lame for even takeing the time to type this but i did it all in honor of T.I cause im tired of retards thinking there important makeing comments just wanting to be heard.And this voteing "Snitch or not" is lame as hell btw but hey thats life shit happens much love Clifford and keep your head up and continue being the MAN that you are