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TI’s Swing Ya Rag Video Premiere Stopped!

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TI recently finished shooting the video for his hit single “Swing Ya Rag”, but the video will never see the light of day thanks to Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

As you know many of the lyrics to the song make use of Gucci shoes, Louis Vuitton bags and I would think the video had a lot of swagg from those two clothing labels. I guess they weren’t happy with the reference of their top shelf brand referenced in a hip hop/rap video.

I would think it could only help the brand with such a successful rapper as TI giving free word of mouth in a hit song. (They could always blur out the brand name in the video)

What’s your take? 

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2 Responses to “TI’s Swing Ya Rag Video Premiere Stopped!”

  1. willie mcfly Says:

    i read bout this a few months back…its cold how they stoppin.erything is politics..its a high end brand and he was ridin dirty ok coo but damn this is a major rapper…it woulda helped the brand fo sho…jus sum old white haters

  2. Tristin Says:

    I wanted to kno that where will I find Akoo outfits if im in Cincinnati, Ohio
    .I need 2 find the outfits at the most exclusive stores.Im not tryin 2 be slow.