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New Reality Show for Rapper T.I.

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TI’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go

I certainly called this one when speaking to some friends earlier this year…it’s been confirmed that T.I. will have his own reality show on MTV. The show will follow him during his last 45 days before heading to prison for illegal weapons possession charges.


The docu-series, which began filming in June 2008 and will continue to shoot until March 2009, will allow viewers a further look into T.I.’s world, as they share in the birth of his sixth child, the release of his latest album Paper Trail and efforts by the rapper to help a group of at-risk teens. Additionally, the show will look at T.I.’s struggle to manage his personal life while completing his required 1,000 hours of community service and coming to terms with going to jail at the height of his career. To date, T.I. has done 864 hours.

Road to Redemption is not designed to be part of the community service hours the entertainer has to complete before beginning his prison sentence on March 27. Overall, the rapper hopes the series will “scare teens straight” in an effort to steer them clear of the gang lifestyle and culture. T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days To Go will premiere February 10 on MTV.

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3 Responses to “New Reality Show for Rapper T.I.”

  1. Quilla Holmes Says:

    I think that it is great what he is doing by helping others realize that they have options besides what is giving to them. I have a teen group that I started. I am only 22 years old, but I am doing what I can to make a difference.

  2. Quilla Says:

    Check out our site:

  3. Iola Washington Says:

    Hello Ti, I am a 53 year old Grandmother who has a Grand daughter who likes your work, on my 53rd Birthday My Daughter gave me a Surprize B-Day Party, well at this time I had told my Grandaughter that I like this song, (you can have what ever you like)Done by you, at that time she never said anything about you, until one day we were in a store and, she was so excited that I thought somthing was wrong,well anyway she saw your Magazine and wanted it so I got it for her, and one for her sister… See Ti you have to understand that i really dont listen to secular music to much unless I am trying to hear what my Grands are listening too, but I really did like that song.Any way on my Birthday they made sure that that song was played… But I came home from work today and was flipping the channels, and I saw your show Road to Redemption, and called my Grandaughter so she could see it, I did not know that you had a show, so i watched, Ti you were mentoring a young man, and rewarding Him for his good works, I am sorry I forgot his name, But anyway at the end of the show, you said you were on your way to Prison and you made the comment that by the time you got out you would probably be a nobody, well this touched my Heart because of what you are trying to do with these young people and letting them know that they are somebody, You put yourself down, I tell my Grands that no matter what anyone says you are somebody, I am going to tell you what I tell them out of Love and Respect to you Young Man, Ti the word of God says in Psalms 139 that you were made in the image of all Mighty God, and more than anything God Loves you very much, and even though you have had some success in the entertaiment world this is not all you are
    The Lord has made youaFather, and provider, and put a young Lady in your Life who Loves you, God gives you Favor everyday that you wake up, that means no matter where you are, you remember Young Man, that you are somebody,and the Good Lord has even more for you.. You know Ti I have a nephew is in prison, and I let Him know that he is still somebody, Ti alway remember that you can speak Life or Death into your Life so choose your Words very Carefully. God Bless you Alway, and ,may you let God Keep you…
    Love to you Mr.Ti, from Iola Washington… And yes I do really Love you with the Love of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.