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TI’s Memorial Weekend Good Deed

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It’s never too late to deliver good news, so we’re telling you now what went on with TI back on Memorial Day. So to keep it short and sweet: the King gave back. Yes he’s still stuck in the Forrest City Correctional Facility in Forrest City Arkansas, but he found that good deeds can be done from anywhere.

Tip sponsored a bus trip for the 46 family members of 14 fellow inmates to visit the prison so they can be with their loved ones on Memorial day weekend. The bus trip was titled “To See a Love One”, and TI sure felt he needed to do it. He said to

“I’ve been blessed to receive tons and tons of mail from my fans, family and friends, as well as get visits on a regular basis. Unfortunately some guys aren’t as fortunate. There are a lot of good dudes in here that haven’t been able to see there loved ones in years. Their families can’t afford the trip so I wanted to help out.”

Aaww… now that is one sweet boo you have, Tiny.

TI’s clothing line, AKOO, among his other businesses isn’t stopping either, although the King is still imprisoned. In fact, AKOO just launched the “Salute the King” campaign, which invites Tip’s celebrity friends such as Diddy, Nelly, Hosea Chancez, B.o.B. and all TI fans to upload video messages to You can find out more about TI in the website, browse video submissions, upload your own video and also download exclusive contents for free. Be on the lookout for in-store promotions as well.

Jeff Belizaire, Director of Marketing for AKOO Clothing stated:

“We’re providing the public with a positive and creative outlet to express their love and appreciation for TIP.”

So if you have something to say, go to and send your love to the King!

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