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TI’s Friend’s Murder Accomplice Sentenced To 17 Years In Prison

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For the first time since TI’s sentencing moment, TI’s fans can get some good news about the case. Padron Thomas, the man who’s responsible for helping the murder of TI’s friend and assistant, Philant Johnson, has been sentenced to 17 years in prison. Thomas appeared in court on Wednesday, June 24 and U.S. District Judge, Sandra Beckwith sentenced him to 17 years in prison on drug conspiracy and gun charges. Thomas had became a key player in both the conspiracy case and the gun battle case when he agreed last year to cooperate with authorities.

Last December, Thomas testified against his brother, Hosea Thomas, who shot and killed Philant “Big Phil” Johnson. Padron Thomas drove the car on May 3, 2006 when Hosea exchanged gunfire with Tip’s entourage, which was the result of a dispute with Hosea at a bar earlier that night. Hosea Thomas was sentenced to 66 years in prison for the murder.

Justice for all.

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One Response to “TI’s Friend’s Murder Accomplice Sentenced To 17 Years In Prison”

  1. DR3AM 0N Says:

    thats real gud news im happy.. he should get life in prison but 17 years is long so it will feel like life.. but i cant wait until t.i. get out.. i kno his album is goin 2 be hot..