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TI’s First Night Out Post-Prison

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According to recent reports from, rapper TI was seen out and about last night at Opera in Atlanta with his fiancee, Tiny.  This was TI’s first ever public appearance since being released from prison last December.  And yes, this was a surprise appearance!

TI accompanied Tiny in the fundraiser for Alzheimer research titled “For The Love of Our Fathers”.  The rapper said onstage:

“I am very well, very happy to be seen.”

It’s also reported that TI gave a lavish gift for his fiancee… and this time it’s not bags and diamond rings, but -drumroll please…

…a brand new blue Porsche Panamera!

That Tiny is one lucky girl!


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3 Responses to “TI’s First Night Out Post-Prison”

  1. f harris Says:

    we want pics 🙁

  2. jamie Says:

    Hey King,i wanna know how would i go bout being a model for your clothing line. I finally founded one of the polo shirts,but i know i just cant where it with anything mane! oh yea,people say i favor u when im clean cut,hat to the side and the aviators on!(Grabbe the earth by da ankles N shake da paper out!)

  3. Lawanna Says:

    Very hip and unique looks for everyone to look good and yet be comfortable when you step out your door. keep it up, very hot looks TI!