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TI’s First Free Days: Busy!

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T.I. has only been free for about a week now and his schedule is fuller than ever.  Last week he hosted his homecoming brunch which will be held annually: The Annual AKOO Clothing Brunch in Atlanta.  In the ultra-exclusive event, Tip welcomed close friends and family and even mentioned his next fashion project: AQOO: A Queen Of Oneself, a sister line of his AKOO Clothing line.

After the brunch, Tip made his way onto the BET stage, and performed with Young Jeezy as surprise guest stars in the event.  And we can tell he misses the spotlight as TI also made a surprise appearance at the Taylor Swift concert in Atlanta.

Do you miss the King?  Here he is talking to Hot 107.9, accompanied by his son.

T.I. from IAmGwoods on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “TI’s First Free Days: Busy!”

  1. Swas J Says:

    Welcome home King, so good to see T.I. ;missed him so much, I have been watching ATL two days in a row, thank you BET

  2. Sesamir Yearby Says:


    Congrads on your many blessings. Thanks for not being ordinary but being extraordinary. I love AKOO and wanted to know what it would take to be one of your male models. I'm on Facebook and you can see my YouTube video of me being 2011 Surround Sound of Fashions Male Model of the Year. Just type in Sesamir Yearby in the search field. This was held by Nathan Gilbert a man you just ran into you at your AKOO fashion show Thursday Feb 2, 2012. I will keep it short so great job at being a great male father figure to your kids. Kids are our feature!

    Have a great day!

    Sesamir Hindu Yearby