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TI’s Concert Demands List

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TI’s might be missing his luxurious lifestyle now that he’s in jail, but we’re hoping the day will come where he can enjoy the lifestyle again.  According to recent (leaked) reports, TI had quite a long concert rider.  What’s a rider?  It’s a list of bunch of stuff demanded by an artist that has to be provided by the promoters -outside of the performance fee, normally.

Here are TI’s concert rider:

First class travel
Luxury hotel
Well-stocked dressing room (think premium booze and candies like Skittles and Lemonheads)
Adequate security to ensure safety, including stage security, crowd control, dressing room security and weapons check (we think this is really necessary for all rappers)
Pre-paid $1,000 bar tab
FIJI-only water
Chilled fruit juices
9 fillet mignon steaks
CD players and speakers
2 bottles of PJ Rose’ Champagne
12 packs of Heineken beers
2 large bags of potato chips
plenty of ice
Remy Martin
Grey Goose
Patron Tequila (of course)

What say you, TI fans?  Do you think it’s too much for Tip or fit for a King?

Meanwhile, we know one thing that should always be included in OUR rider and that’s AKOO Reynard Jeans.


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