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TI’s Christmas Present: Release To Halfway House

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Our favorite blogger, Sandra Rose, brought great news today as she said that rapper TI who’s currently still in prison on illegal weapon possession charges, will be released to an Atlanta halfway house to serve out the remainder of his sentence after the New Year.

TI is originally scheduled to be released on May 26th, 2010 after the 12 month and 1 day sentence, but there have been talks about early release since a couple of weeks ago. That is why we think it’s great news that Tip will soon be back in Atlanta, although will still be kept in a halfway house, which rules will be a bit more relaxed compared to the prison. Word is, he might even be allowed to work at the Grand Hustle offices during the day and such.

That ain’t the only good news today. Various blogs and news sites also reported that the King of The south still reigns with his supremacy when Billboard announced their completed year-end and decade recap lists. TI won the Top Hot Songs Artist of 2009, and that’s for his four top 5 singles, “Whatever You Like”, “Swagga Like Us,” “Live Your Life,” and “Dead and Gone”, off 2008’s double platinum Paper Trail album.

If that doesn’t make you want TI to come back to ATL sooner, we don’t know what will. Prepare to greet Tip in style as he comes back, in cool AKOO gear.  Here are some ideas:


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2 Responses to “TI’s Christmas Present: Release To Halfway House”

  1. Tyson F. Gautreaux Says:

    Good Post🙂

  2. TIsucks Says:

    Just threw out all my clothing. Billboard was appaling!