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TI’s Big Days: Secret Wedding and Incarceration

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We’ve told you that TI and his fiancé, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, had planned to marry before TI’s incarceration.  And then the news was brushed off just like that.  And then we received TI’s farewell bash invitation in Miami.  We were curious on the whole strict white dress code and wondered whether a wedding really took place.  And today, according to The Urban Daily, Tip and Tiny did tie the knot in a super-secret ceremony on an island just outside of Miami, after being together for as far back as 2001.

The source -who by the way wants to remain anonymous because they’re not really supposed to talk about it- said:

“Its been a crazy situation around here with all that has been taking place. In regards to Tiny and T.I., yes they are officially husband and wife. It recently took place in a very private ceremony with only members of the immediate family and certain members of the Grand Hustle family.”

In more recent TI News, according to reports, TI missed the Tuesday noon deadline to turn himself into the low security prison in Arkansas. Many blogs and news sources spied on the matter, some said he was a no show and some said he came in early to the Arkansas Federal Prison, but the latest report said that TI is already within the facility, confirmed by Prison spokeswoman, Linda Thomas, to the Associated Press. She could not offer an intake time for the rapper, however, TI will serve time as federal prison inmate No. 59458019. At 12.29,  a Georgia-license plated van pulled up to the prison, escorted by guards and prison officials in 3 different vehicle.

Originally, T.I. faced 10 years in prison for an illegal purchase of high-powered AK-47’s and AR 15s with silencers. But the sentence was reduced into 1,000 hours of community service and 366 days of imprisonment. TI has completed his community service hours and is now completing his prison sentence.

Well, we wish Tip congratulations on the wedding and good luck on the sentence!

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Turns out initial reports on the TI and Tiny wedding are false.  TI’s publicist sent out an official statement as follows:

Despite what you may have heard, T.I. & Tiny have not gotten married. reported that a source told them the couple got married in a private ceremony in Miami a few weeks ago. T.I.’s publicist, Sydney Margetson, told S2S that the news is “absolutely not true.”

T.I. and Tiny have been engaged for well over two years, and they are raising a family together in Atlanta.

There was speculation that the two were planning to jump the broom before T.I. reported for his 366-day prison sentence. T.I. began serving his time on Tuesday, but the two still haven’t tied the knot..

That’s too bad.  We’ll still be rooting for them to make it official, though.


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