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TI’s Best Friend’s Murder Conspirator Pleaded Guilty

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Philant - TI

Looks like the murder case of TI’s best friend, Philant Johnson, is showing that justice is indeed being served.

A couple of months ago, Hosea Thomas who shot TI’s best friend and personal assistant, Philant Johnson, back in 2006 was sentenced to 66 years to life for the shooting and will not be eligible for parole until year 2074.

Last Wednesday, Padron Thomas, who was the driver of the opposing vehicle, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The 41-year-old was initially charged with murder, but received a lesser sentence after testifying against his brother. Currently Thomas is serving 17years on unrelated federal drug charges and is looking to up to 10 years in prison, depending on the outcome of the sentencing hearing on November 17th.

The 2006 shooting took the life of Philant Johnson and left three people injured. The incident happened after a fight at a Cincinnati club, as TI and his entourage fled the scene and went on being chased down and their cars bombarded with bullets.

Rest In Peace, Philant Johnson.

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2 Responses to “TI’s Best Friend’s Murder Conspirator Pleaded Guilty”

  1. ana gomez Says:

    good im glad he is rottin jail. not only did he kill t.i's best friend he killed a human being. people now and dayz have no heart. i hope Philant Johnson R.I.P

  2. nikki smith Says:

    wow justuce was served thats good i was just wondering if they got caught or not