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TI’s Arkansas Prison Is Re-Opened Post Virus Outbreak

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Finally Tiny can visit her boo, TI, in the middle of her Tiny & Toya show, because the Arkansas Prison has been re-opened on Saturday, July 4th for visitors after being shut down for more than 2 weeks due to a virus scare. Many inmates at the low-security unit fell sick because of a suspected gastrointestinal virus in the middle of June. Visitors were banned from the prison for 18 days. 158 of the 2,075 inmates were reported to have symptoms along with several prison staff members.

But it’s a relief to know everything is fine now, so it’s time for TI’s AKOO Clothing Line features of the day. It’s time to go laid back with…


AKOO Killswitch Polo, was $66.00 – now $43.99


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