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TI’s AKOO Clothing Line Sued By Akoo International

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TI is facing allegations regarding his clothing line, A King Of Oneself or AKOO. There’s apparently ‘Akoo International’, a social music television network, that filed a complaint against TI and AKOO Clothing line for trademark infringement.

Akoo International is a network that delivers technology, enabling viewers to interact with programming on large screen, networked HDTV’s using their mobile phones. They also have over 86 million customers via the internet, shopping malls and universities across the country in 30 states that subscribe to their video programming.

Akoo International CEO, Niko Drakoulis stated:

“Akoo has been recognized as a leading social TV platform for connecting brand advertisers with millions of our engaged viewers. Our primary obligation and goal is to prevent confusion among our consumers, which is among the most basic objectives of trademark law. At the same time, Akoo has invested nearly a decade of effort and substantial capital to deploy its network and will do everything in its power to protect its brand.”

While TI’s AKOO is an acronym of A King Of Oneself, it is sued by Akoo International under the claims that TI’s use of the Akoo name has misled customers and potential buyers.

No word yet from TI’s camp but we’ll keep you posted on this.  If you ask us, we love the name AKOO too much for it to be changed. Fight Tip!!

Source: HipHopWired

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