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Tiny & Toya Season 2 Coming Soon!

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TI must be a proud fiancé as his other half, Tiny, is the star of a very successful reality show on BET.  Tiny and her friend, Toya (Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama) made their reality show as the highest-rating show on BET’s history and the show’s second season has just been confirmed.  The second season filming for Tiny and Toya has started, this time not only following Tiny and Toya, but also their kids’ group: The OMG Girlz.  Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique and Toya’s daughter, Reginae are members of the group along with two other girls, Bahjah and Lourdes.

The OMG Girlz 01

The OMG Girlz 02

Now whose parent won’t be proud seeing their kids on the roll?  TI would be proud too, as Zonnique clearly takes things seriously when it comes to business.  And although she’s not blood-related to TI, Zonnique appears to inherit Tip’s swagger.

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14 Responses to “Tiny & Toya Season 2 Coming Soon!”

  1. shadira Says:

    they rock

  2. desiree Says:

    wat is ur myspace

  3. Charielle Says:

    Omg….The Omg Girlz Got it goin on……Ima See if i could have yall on one of my songs in Late Fall!
    -Yo-ghurl LadyC

  4. kiera Says:

    i love omg girlz yall impired us to make a group called lol gurlz with me as u no kiera but nickname is diamond and others star sparkle sassy and smiley face forgot one doll geat style and i no yall dream was to turn gurlz in what yall are but yall turned us to make a group.

  5. antehyia Says:

    the omg girlz r the best i luv there song aint nobody i luv the way they dress,sing and dance. 🙂

  6. tyjohnna Says:

    i am, a kid who loves to sing i am nine years old please call 4131405

  7. rayvun Says:

    i Luv the way ur fits luk i think i might purchase a few. LOLXZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  8. qadeera Says:

    wat up omg girlz yall at nothing i love yall sont it that song

  9. im doing me Says:

    yeah the omg girlz are coo i aint hating but i liked them better wit Reginae tho….

  10. bitty bop Says:

    i like yall omg gurls yall the shit.

  11. niraa .! Says:

    ~yo fits aree superr cuteeee!

  12. Tyanna Chatman Says:

    i like what they were and they is the bomb

  13. Muddasp Says:

    Bajah is pretty and so haters need to stop hatin on her and so is lol and starr

  14. montia Says:

    y babby carter not in the group nomore