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Tiny and Toya Is BACK On BET!

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First off, we’d like to say congrats to Tiny and Toya for their newest season of their reality show “Tiny and Toya” on BET that aired last night.  This first episode centered on both ladies’ family lives; Toya and her close-knitted fam… facing her brothers and mom’s addiction problems, while Tiny tries to deal with her dad’s Alzheimer disease that’s getting worse. That, among a whole bunch of things that needed to be handled like the OMG Girlz, JUICE… and also their love interests.  Tiny and her man, TI, who was away in prison, and Toya with her new blind date.

She didn’t say this on the show, but Tiny stated in an interview that her hubby-to-be, Tip, is actually rather over-protective.

“He is very over protective but – he’s also very loving and very into me. He’s an extremist with everything he does, everything is to the extreme so he doesn’t really have a middle ground, but I love it though. That’s just our relationship, we’re just really into each other and I just can’t complain that I have a man that really wants me around all the time because normally it’s the opposite, they don’t care if you ain’t around for weeks, but mine does and I’m just blessed.”

Hear hear.

Below, Tiny and Toya talked to about their new season on BET. Enjoy, ladies!

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