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TI X Keri Hilson “I Got Your Back” Video

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If you’ve been waiting for TI and Keri Hilson’s newest video: “I Got Your Back”, it dropped this morning and here it is fresh from the oven:


The song is said to be Tip’s real feelings for Tiny, and rumored to be the song for their nuptials.  If here’s some of the lyric from verse 2 if you want to sing along (and/or pretend TI says them to you LOL):

This is for the women who man caught a sentence
Who gon be there for a minute but they didn’t keep their distance
They stayed home waiting on the phone
And on visit day show up looking good smelling better, playing kissy face
Just wanna let you know we appreciate
Everything you do for us on a day to day
And I know we don’t show you all the time but we lucky that you ours
No bouquet of flowers could ever show how much we know we need you
We do all thats in our power just to please you
See boo, f-ck them girls I would leave the World ‘fore I leave you
May God say even now

Sweet sound, sweet video, sweet words. ‘Nuff said.

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