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TI Talks To Wendy Williams: Why All Stiff, Tip?

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If you watched TI’s interview with CNN’s Larry King, try and compare it with the most recent interview he gave to TV personality, Wendy Williams.  As usual, Tip talked about life post-prison, his upcoming album “King Uncaged” and all-star movie, “Takers”.  But there’s something unusual about him.  As Wendy mentioned: check his body language.

Wendy mentioned how relaxed but guarded Tip was.  And get this: Tiny and Monica might have talked to the talkshow host about the upcoming Tip-Tiny wedding, but the King himself looked like he’s refusing to spill anything about his relationship with Tiny.  “I did OK” was his only answer when Wendy asked whether he gave Tiny wonderful presents when he got out of jail.  “Did OK”?  We think it’s underrated.  Tip gave Tiny a huge birthday party and showered her with presents even BEFORE he got out of jail.  Guess Wendy didn’t get the memo.

Tell us, does TI look like he’s keeping a distance from Wendy?

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One Response to “TI Talks To Wendy Williams: Why All Stiff, Tip?”

  1. trisha Says:

    no he wasn't keeping hid distance, he looked relaxed to me