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TI Shares His Prison Experience

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Remember how he had to go away to prison due to his attempt to purchase guns? Well, TI was recently interviewed by Fuse TV and he stated that he still wishes he still has his right to bear arms.

“As long as there are other criminals out there who have them, then I definitely wish that I had my second amendment right.”

However, TI shares his prison experience as well. We think his definition of jail and prison is spot on.

“But you know I understand that I live in America and the law in America states that if you’re a felon, that you lose that second amendment right to bear arms. After I’m done with, you know what I’m saying, the conditions of my sentence, I’ll be able to vote…I didn’t go in there with the thought that I would be treated any differently, you know, any better. You know, I just went in there prepared to do what I had to do to get on back on up out of there…I’ve been to jail before, it was my first time in prison. Prison is for people, prison you actually be around people who been there for 10s, 15s, 20s of year. Jail is where you stay before you go to court you know for maybe 6, 8, 9 months, 12 months at a time.”

So there’s no more secrets on what have happened in jail. Catch the interview on July 6th on Fuse TV. Speaking of secrets, here’s a t-shirt from TI’s AKOO clothing line that we feel speaks to all of us.

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