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TI On Twitter: Real or Fake?

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Hip hop major names have reached out to Twitter, and the latest artist to join the tweeting stars bandwagon is Lil Wayne.  But yesterday, TI fans everywhere have been excited because the King of the South has joined the social media madness with a verified account name: “Tip”.  So far the account has 27,582 followers, and although bearing the ‘Verified’ seal, questions regarding whether the account is real or fake still linger, especially after Tip’s boo, Tiny, tweeted denying the ‘official’ TI twitter account.

Before entering jail last year, TI talked about why he’s not on Twitter:

“It’s not my swag.  I’m an old fashion type of dude.  I’ll write you a letter and hand you a picture, let ‘em fly it to you.  Put you a letter in a box, floating to your side of the country.  I ain’t on the computer sh**.  [Twitter is] not for me.  No offense to those who do it.  Twit on playa.  People got the king, just not on Twitter.”

So what do you think, is Tip’s Twitter real or fake?


Billboard magazine reports:

Atlantic Records confirms to Billboard that rapper T.I.’s Twitter account (@TIP) isn’t personal, but rather a portal for the label and Grand Hustle to officially announce anything connected with T.I. T.I. himself is not on Twitter. The rep also confirmed that there will be a big announcement coming on Monday, as the Twitter says.

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One Response to “TI On Twitter: Real or Fake?”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I just can’t believe after watching his Bio on Much and never knowing what his name was, but, knowing his songs he is so gorgeous how could he have ended up with a woman like he has…sorry I know she may have been with him before the fame and the money but, really know? damn!