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TI On Tipping The Crime Stoppers

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The past few days have been quite hellish for our man TI, as he and new wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle was arrested due to possession of a controlled substance that turned out to be ecstasy.  Although Tip and Tiny are now back in Atlanta, the future of the case is still blurry, and we fear Tip will be seen as violating his probation.  Well, while we’re hoping he won’t have to return to the slammer, here’s Tip talking about what other kind of “tip” is important for the community.

Now, this video makes people speculate: will Tip turn in the guy who sold him and Tiny the ecstasy pills?  Or is this just a PSA?  We’re sitting tight to see where this case goes.  In the mean time, let’s just clear our heads with some retail therapy, straight from TI’s clothing line, AKOO.  DrJays has the latest collection of AKOO, and here are our favorites of the day:

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