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TI on Cover of Rap-Up Mag Akoo on Deck

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TI was recently on the cover of Rap-Up magazine and he spoke on some strong subjects including his pending jail sentence, Kanye West, and his children dealing with him going away for a year.

On how his children are going to deal with his time in prison: “My oldest is 12—she understands. She’s strong and smart. The three weeks I was in, before I got to come home, she said to me, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll hold things down ’til you get back.’ I’m more worried about how my boys are going to deal.”

On what it would take for him to be conceited like Kanye West: “Selling a billion. At about a billion, I think I’d be pretty hard to deal with.”

On winning awards: “No disrespect to Kanye, but that kinda stuff just don’t mean nothing to me. Whether or not I win an award, I mean that’s nice, but at the end of the day I understand that I’m a man. What being a man means to me is not defined by an award or an amount of records sold.”

source: YBF

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