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TI Might Be Released Early From Prison!

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Remember that rapper TI was sentenced for 366 days (read: one year and one day)? Well, reported that the King of the South could be released earlier. Here’s an excerpt of the GREAT news:

Though he was sentenced to a year and a day, authorities said before his incarceration that he is eligible for a 15 percent “good time” credit, which could shave almost 55 days off his sentence. In that best-case scenario, he could be released in early April.

“He’s doing real good and he’s ready to come on home,” said Tiny, who expected that T.I. would be home “somewhere in the top of the year.” The rapper’s lawyer could not be reached at press time for comment on when he thought T.I. might be released.

Well, aren’t you excited, TI fans? We know we are!

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2 Responses to “TI Might Be Released Early From Prison!”

  1. ana gomez Says:

    hell yeah im excited!! i cant wait till they release him. he needz to be at home wot hiz family. i can't imagine how much hiz family misses him. i miss him like people in hell wantz ice cold water. just imagine how much hiz family misses him. can't wait till i hear when he getz out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kwantae Crowell Says:

    T.I my dude this guy motivates me to do better in life and stay out of trouble! Comin up i always wanted to be lik T.I.P, he also tought me that u DONT have to be a DOPEBOi to have MONEY! Ive always wanted to be a Rapper and hopefully someday I WILL but until i MEET T.I, i just want a real nikka to know, GOD TAKE U THRU THINGS FOR A REASON, SOMETIMES HE PUNISH U TO WAKE U UP! FREE TI(FROM THE BIGGEST FAN) KEEP YA HEAD UP! what up Dro And L.A! i see ya doin yall thing! "GOT TO BELIEVE"