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TI Loves Louis Stewart Bags!

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Ah the perks of being a King.

When you’re a superstar, you’re entitled to get super-exclusive stuff from up and coming designers.  This time, accessories designer, Louis Stewart, managed to get TI into joining the super-exclusive Louis Stewart movement.   Check the king showing off his own customized Louis Stewart bag and backpack:

And here’s just how exclusive the bags are.  Tip got these custom made for him, and we are jealous!

Tip isn’t the only one who joined the Louis Stewart movement.  Other celeb who’s a huge fan of the line is Justin Timberlake.  And like TI, he got a super-exclusive custom made backpack too.

Don’t you wish you’re a star now?  Well these babies have thousands of dollars on their price tags and they’re so exclusive they’re not yet available in stores. Be on the lookout for them at

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