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TI Has Until May 26 to Report to Prison

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Calling out to all TI fans!

We’ve been talkin’ about TI going to jail for months now, but only today Tip’s new residence for the next 366 days was revealed.  E! News reported that according to a population report filed just yesterday, Tip will serve his time in the Forrest City low-security prison, along with other 2,085 inmates, located 85 miles east of Little Rock and 45 miles west of Memphis. It’s a part of a larger Forrest City complex that also includes a medium-security prison and a satellite prison camp for the most minimum-security male offenders.  It’s said that the correctional facility is inhabited by a total of 4,214 inmates.

Last year TI was charged for illegal weapon purchase and will spend a total 366 days behind bars.  He will be housed in either a bunk bed-equipped dormitory-style housing or cubicle housing and will be required to participate in a work program.  Since early this year, TI has been traveling across the country for his Farewell Tour, while new reports tells us that he will be eligible for early release.  Last month, court officials also acknowledged that he would be receiving credit for 305 days spent in home detention and that might mean that he will likely spend less than two months behind bars.

But as we all know, fans will miss him no matter what, so TI’s final Farewell Concert will be held in Atlanta on May 24. It’s been said before that Tip should report to court by May 19th, while according to paperwork filed in his federal court case, he has until noon on May 26 to report to prison.


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