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TI Got Sued. Again?

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Just when we thought everything is going smoothly for our man, TI, somebody just has to come up with stuff against him.  Tip is still serving time in a halfway house in Atlanta after being released from prison last December, but now he got entangled with the law again.   This time, the lawsuit came from Nathan Filby, better known as Rapper Motoe Blizzid, who alleges TI used parts of his song “Reverence” which was launched in 2004 and only distributed to the industry insiders. reports that in the legal documents, Filby claims that TI’s Grammy-award winning track, “What You Know” shares the “same rate of harmonic range” and states the two recordings have “nearly identical instrumental melodic lines in terms of pitch, shape, and rhythm”.  Filby is seeking damages and profits derived from that song.

It’s just so ironic that these sort of things always happens after a song became a hit. Whatever happened pre-Grammy, man?  We’re just sayin’.

To cheer everybody up, here’s Tip’s “What You Know” video.  Hope this blows over real quick.  TI deserves a break!

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