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TI Gives Thumbs Down To Prison

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It hasn’t been a year since his release from prison, but rapper TI has been doing all sorts of stuff worth doing in the span of more than one year for some people in just a matter of months. The phrase “he has many great things ahead of him” is not just a phrase for Tip, as he just launched his movie, “Takers” and in just weeks he’ll be launching his newest album “King Uncaged”. TI also started performing live at the AXE event on Lower Broadway just last night where he performed with the likes of Keri Hilson, BoB et cetera


Greeting back the fast-paced entertainment life is not hard for Tip, apparently, as he told the New York Magazine that he was actually frustrated in prison, and compared his upcoming King Uncaged album to Tupac Shakur’s All Eyez on Me. TI stated:

“[In prison] when I was so frustrated that it made me feel such and such, I made sure I wrote that down, like, ‘I feel like this is some bullshit, because … ‘. When you hear the album, you’ll be able to pinpoint aggression, and that’s due to me capturing those moments of incarceration.”

But TI’s active soul couldn’t be contained. Tip kept himself busy.

“I taught a class; I played handball; I played football, coached softball; I worked out a lot. But writing? There just wasn’t much time for that.”

However Tip disagreed that prison is a fun place.

“No! Not at all, not even a little bit. By no stretch of the imagination! I don’t want anyone to assume, think, or believe that for one moment. Two thumbs down. Two big toes, down!”


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