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TI Gives Advice to Justin Bieber

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Although he’s now married to Tiny, who’s six years his senior, rapper TI shared his thoughts to up and coming rising star, Justin Bieber.  He wants the kid to stay away from “cougars”.

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Well we’re sure he’s not referring to Tiny, but we kinda guess it has something to do with Bieber’s close friendship with socialite/TV Personality Kim Kardashian.  We wonder why Tip didn’t give him style advice.  Bieber will look cute in AKOO, as are you.  Check these AKOO pieces for back to school season:

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One Response to “TI Gives Advice to Justin Bieber”

  1. Ashlynn Says:

    Ok, who is this Justin Bieber & why are people so bothered about him? No, I'm not a recluse, I just have no idea what the fuss is about lol!