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TI: “Girls, If You Like Me… Come On Holler”

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TI is one fine rapper.  But you might overlook the fact that he’s also a great producer, salesman and businessman.  Check his pitch about his new movie, “Takers” in a radio interview recently:

The recently-married rapper invites the ladies to come holler and show love… to his movie.  TI even dubbed Takers to be one of the hottest movies in the century.  If he succeeds on selling the flick to the ladies, what about the gents?  Tip said:

“Guys, if you love guns, explosions, big money, and a lot of action… this film’s for you.  And girls, if you like me, come on holler.  And if I ain’t exactly what you’re into, then there are some other casts on the screen too.”

The king of the south is hilarious, and we love him for that.  However, he can also be a total gentleman and pull a classic cigar-smoking, champagne-guzzling mobster look with his clean-cut look that may inspire you, gents!

Cheers to the finer things in life, Tip!

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4 Responses to “TI: “Girls, If You Like Me… Come On Holler””

  1. aja Says:

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  2. dollie Says:

    iam am a girl that were a size 14 in pants AND A m in shirts thanks tip harris

  3. dollie Says:

    ti i have lost of pictures in my ipod on u i am youir number 1 fan iv watch all of your shows on vh1 .com from when it stat to it end and just to infer u will u like to know instesd of having a baby u should just adopt one like me im 15 years old and in dcfs case and also can sing aND DANCE IT MY PAGE ON FACEBOOK DOLLIE WILLIAMS I HAVE ABLACK ROCWEAR JACKET ON WITH GRAY SHIRT AND BLUE PANTS AND BLACK SHOES

  4. dollie Says:

    I LOVE U T.I