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TI: Banned or Protected?

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TI might be locked up in jail, but things are not going to be easy when he gets out.

According to TMZ, recent documents say: rapper TI will not be allowed to leave the Northern District of Georgia unless he can prove that it’s for “verivied employment within the United States”. This also means he can’t leave the country.

Tip is also banned from leaving Northern Georgia for more than seven calendar days per month, or for more than seven days in a row.

You think that’s going to be tough? Read on:

As long as he’s on probation, TI can’t drive a vehicle, can’t own “any firearm, dangerous weapon or other destructive device. The rapper is also required to participate in a drug/alcohol testing and treatment program.

We look at this as the people’s love for TI, as all the restrictions are going to be applied as a way to protect Tip from his own devices.

Or do you think the opposite?

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