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TI and Ludacris Donated $10,000 For Atlanta Flood Victims

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Sometimes we wonder how TI does all these cool things from behind bars. You know, throw Tiny, his fiance, a posh birthday party, win his first Moon Man MTV Video Music Award, even topping the Billboard chart!  But we don’t wonder much because he has all these people who work for him and get things done.

TI and Luda

Now Tip’s doing good deeds from jail. He and Ludacris are showing their support for the victims of the recent Atlanta flood, which was caused by 8 days of steady rain. Both TI and Luda donated $10,000 to The Ludacris Foundation to help the flood victims whose homes have been wrecked by the flood. Mind you, there are 500 homes affected by the disaster, which caused damages estimated around $61 million.

The Ludacris Foundation has teamed up with Home Depot and Sam’s Club to help those who lost their homes. The foundation is planning a local weekend food bank.

Somehow we could see TI and Luda joining hands in person, going down straight to Atlanta’s disaster spot and help the people. Don’t you wish Tip was here? Well done on the philanthropic act, TI!

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    keep tha faith t.i.p